Discover, share, team up & acquire resources.

CareXc is your community hub to find and connect with others who are going through the same experience as you in making your best efforts to care for those you love. Here you will find the advice, help and resources you need, saving you time and worry in challenging times.

How does CareXc work?

Select & customize your care plans

Browse care information and existing care plans, select plans that match the primary health concerns of a loved one, and then customize as needed. If there is no primary health concert, simply complete the care assessment survey.

Choose a plan

Manage your care plans and teams

Choose your care team from other members of the CareXc or invite others to join. Benefit from the shared experiences of family caregivers like yourself as well as from the background and training of professional caregivers.

Your plans & teams

Swap & shop for resources

Locate medical supplies and equipment though CareXc members and business partners. Acquire what you need within your budget, using flexible swap, rent, and advanced purchase options provided by CareXc.

Swap & shop

About us

CareXc was created to: 1) guide the millions of family caregivers and people choosing to self-care, but struggle to balance work and family priorities and ever increasing costs, 2) to help them comprehend the complexity of senior care needs, and 3) to help them achieve the highest quality of care at the lowest cost.

CareXc is a care-content driven community for like minded people, providing you with: 1) aggregated experts' guidance, tools and methods for forming and managing a care team, and 2) a crowd-sourced marketplace to obtain care-giving resources via sharing, exchanging, and purchasing—drastically reduce costs, time, and frustration.

Our founder, Ann Ting, is a serial entrepreneur in healthcare and technology. As Ann's parents grew older, she and her siblings worked hard to find solutions to allow them to gracefully age at home. This experience has inspired Ann to found CareXc to improve the lives of other family caregivers and their senior family members.