can be very stressful!

And more people are becoming caregivers each month.
Family Members Who Expect to Become a Caregiver in the Future
Caregivers Who Feel They Need More Information
Family Caregivers Who Are Still In the Workforce
Family Caregivers Required to Change Work Situation

CareXc can help reduce the stress.

Here's four simple steps to making a plan and carrying it out.

Identify your concerns.

Has a loved one just returned home from the hospital?

Is there a newly developed health condition that requires special care?

Have you noticed a slowdown in a loved one's daily activities?


Prepare a plan for providing care.

Browse others' care plans for ones that are similar to your needs.

Select a care plan that comes close to your needs and budget.

Customize the care plan with the tasks and details needed to guide your care team.


Build your care team.

Establish the schedule required to implement your care plan.

Plan the ideal team based on the availability of family and nearby CareXc members.

Contact team candidates to finalize your team and care plan schedule.


Find the needed care products.

Determine which products are needed to support your care plan.

Browse the recommended products in your care plan or visit Swap & Shop.

Extend your product search as needed to vendors reviewed and rated by CareXc.

Reduce the stress of caregiving.