Exercise In Office

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As a caregiver, the toughest part of your daily life is how to find time to exercise so one can meet the recommended 30 minutes of cardio five times per week! The opportunity is you can do the exercise where you do your daily work. There is a variety of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching in between conference calls, meetings, and other desk projects you can do. In the National Parkinson Foundation 2016 Caregiver Summit, Kaitlyn Roland suggested one can do some easy yoga exercises. You don’t have to be flexible to benefit from yoga and because of its emphasis on mental fitness that it can reduce stress level instantly. Here is a breathing exercise and two short series of movements for you to try in your office. (source from:National Parkinson Foundation 2016 Caregiver Summit)

Additonally, you can check the resources section for many other exercises recommended by experts including one short exercise routine that you can work it into your daily routine and a long page of a combination of various exercise routines.

1. Three-part deep breathing

Also knows as Dirga Pranayam, is the foundation of all the yogic breathing techniques. It helps dispel anxiety and create a sense of calm(via nagal nerve).

The purpose this three-part breath is to unlearn patterns of taking in slow sips of breathe(shallow breathing!) and mouth breathing, which can create tension in your body and anxiety in your mind.

A typical visual is to thnk of filling your lungs up like a glass of water from the bottom up (even though the air goes into your bronchial tree from top down).

  1. Inhale and expand the belly.
  2. Inhale into your ribs, and feel the side-to-side expansion.
  3. Inhale into the chest and feel the slight upwards lift in the sternum(where ribs meet chest).
  4. Exhale chest, ribs, belly.

2. Pyramid

From Standing, step your left foot back, about 3 ft. Turn back foot out 45°. Bring left hip forward and rotate your torso square to the front of the mat. Firm and press yout tighs towards each other as if squeezing a block. Lengthen your tailbone down. Press right thighbone back. Hinge at the hips and lean the torso forward over the right thigh. Place hands on chair, block, ground, or behind back. Feel stretch in the harmstring and spine.

3. Stargazer

From "Pyramid", engage thighs together and press into feet. Engage core muscles to bring torso to upright. Place hands on chair in front of you or place hands "in back pockets" behind your back. Ground into feet and press into chair or bring elbows towards each other behind back. Lift sternum towards ceiling and gently look up(where ceiling meets wall). Lengthen tailbone down and press right tighbone back. To release press into feet and engage core to come back to upright.

Source: National Parkinson Foundation 2016 Caregiver Summit