Paticipate Community Events with Others

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One of the lessons world’s top relationship builders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem shared is the adoption of a completely new life philosophy: relational thinking. This philosophy focused on building deep, long-term, win-win relationships and less on being solely goals-oriented. This new philosophy has proven to produce tremendous results in business because of the hidden power of people.

In caregiving, everyday is so vastly dynamic, and the stake is so high. We want to have people to help us create and achieve goals beyond our wildest dreams. As relationships deepen, their mutual value often compounds as each is willing to do anything to help the other person during the ups and downs of their life which is exactly what we caregivers need!

Walking alone not only limited the efficiency of our time; we lose the opportunities to build our relationships that can last for decades; well beyond the length of caregiving and continuously help us enrich our lives.

How to do that? First, many local senior communities offer programs that can help you start building your new relational thinking model and CareXc’s team management feature (link) helps.


  • There are healthcare events or programs that one can use to help reduce some healthcare expenses, such as free dental services at the CSA in Mountain View, CA. They provide free-onsite dental services for homeless andlow-income families on the first and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

  • Make it a “task item” in your caregiving plan (see example of the Parkinson-plus plan) so the time is shared between the carrying out the care plan for your loved ones and your self-care.

  • Find support groups that either already offers “walk and talk” type of programs or provide a framework for you to start your own group.

  • Find the members of your care team who can reach out to their social media groups or local community members to help you build “your walk with others” relationship group.